A truly Special Coffee

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Who we are?

Many generations have improved the coffee production process in Buesaco giving as a result the top class product we have today.

However, the newer generations lack of motivation to continue with the family businesses because their profits are far from what should be.

A fair cup of coffee

When you trade Cafe Umia's coffee you're reducing intermediaries and getting directly involved with the communities that produces it.

This is a win-win deal: you get high quality Specialty Coffee at lower prices and they receive what they really deserve for producing the best coffee in the world.


A sustainable deal

Fair traded

Our negotiation model is based on transparency and respect every party involved.

Better prices

By reducing intermediation we can translate that margin into better prices for you.

With history

There is a whole family history and culture behind every coffee bean you will serve.

Direct contact

You will be able to get in touch with the farmers and visit the areas where the coffee is grown.

Roast and Serve a Coffee You Will Feel Very Proud About

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